Questions we’re most often asked

Like most service organisations, we at Sparkling View are faced with a number of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) from customers and potential customers.  Reveal answers by clicking on questions. Among them are the following queries:

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”What do you mean by a water-fed pole system?” ]This is a safe-to-use system that utilises specially deionised water which is sent to non-abrasive brushes through telescopic poles, eliminating need for ladders. Subject to weather conditions, water droplets take up to two hours to evaporate, leaving surfaces smear-free. It is an environmentally responsible system that requires no use of chemicals or detergents.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”I would prefer to have my windows cleaned by traditional methods. Can you do this?” ]Yes, we certainly can. However, this will be subject to ease of access as we have to comply with Health and Safety regulations.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”Do you clean interior glass or the insides of exterior windows or glass doors?” ]Yes, we do. However, we ask that you take the precaution of removing anything of value from your window sills, prior to our visit.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”How do you define “regular customers” and “one-off and irregular customers”?” ]We define “regular” customers as those who have had more than three visits for window cleaning to be carried out. “One-off and irregular” customers are those who have requested less than three visits.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”How much notice should we allow to book when we want our house’s windows cleaned as a matter of urgency?” ]Normally, we would hope to get to you within three days, but this does of course depend upon our current workload.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”If necessary, can I postpone an appointment?” ]Yes, you can ─ up to the time of our confirming the booking with you, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”If necessary, can I cancel an appointment?” ]Yes, you can. However, our trading terms require 24 hours’ notice of cancellation for jobs priced at under £40 and 48 hours’ notice for cancelling work costing more than £40.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”What happens if I have an extension that presents no more windows than without it?” ]It is our policy to treat all customers fairly. As long as we don’t have to use ladders to gain access to your windows ─ which brings Health and Safety regulations into play ─ there is no additional charge.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”Can you clean my windows at another property outside your normal area?” ]Yes, we can. However, this will require an additional charge to cover the cost of greater staff time and travel.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”What happens if I forget the appointment or fail to leave the access gate open?” ]If you are a regular customer we will accept this and re-arrange the appointment. However, this will be on a one-time only basis. Afterwards, minimum charges will apply.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”What do I do if I’m unhappy with the work that’s been carried out?” ]In the rare case of such an event, please contact us within 48 hours from the appointment and we will re-visit your property to rectify all issues. Our work is fully guaranteed, and our staff’s remuneration includes bonuses related to customer satisfaction.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”How do I pay for Sparkling View’s services?” ]You can pay with cash; cheques; credit cards; debit cards; the Bacs system and bankers’ standing orders. We make no additional charge relating to payments in cash, Bacs, or standing orders. However, due to the high costs of banking, we are forced to apply a reasonable additional of 50p for cheques and minimum 30p for payments made by credit or debit card. Transaction charges do not apply to Old Age Pensioners – OAP. In the case of customers paying with cash, we request them to sign-off job satisfaction forms.[/reveal]

[reveal align=”center” color=”blue” title=”Do you cover my area?” ]Sparkling View’s growing number of satisfied residential and commercial window cleaning customers are spread across most of East Berkshire’s towns and surrounding areas. In alphabetical order, these include Ascot, Binfield, Bracknell, Burchett’s Green, Crowthorne, Henley-on-Thames, Hurst, Knowl Hill, Littlefield Green, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, Marlow, Pinkneys Green, Ruscombe, Shurlock Row, Sunningdale, Twyford, Waltham St. Lawrence, White Waltham, Wargrave, Warren Row, Winkfield, Winkfield Row and Wokingham.[/reveal]